Abigail Brown is an artist and illustrator based in London, UK. Following a BA in Surface Decoration and Printed Textiles, she has since developed her own techniques and individual style for textile and paper sculpture. 

‘I was drawn to fabric from a very young age. As a small child I watched my seamstress Grandma with fascination and her love of thread and fabric has now become my own. Now fabrics of every colour, shade, texture and weight create a rainbow wall in my studio. I hunt out new pieces wherever I travel, bought new, discovered at secondhand shops, or passed on from other makers. I find equal beauty in the bold, strong colours of newly dyed fabrics and the fading colour and wear of old cloth; the sign of a past life long forgotten.

I am excited by the opportunity to create life from these flat pieces of cloth, working with their weave to mould shapes, fraying their edges to form feathered breasts, creating stiffened tail feathers from something that was limp. That final placing of the eye and a new life is born.

The Animal Kingdom is the inspiration behind all my work. I am fascinated by its rituals and language, a world of mystery and secrets on which we can but speculate. My fabric bird sculptures are a celebration of textures, patterns, colours and forms that delight me in nature.’


Abigail works from her studio at the award winning Cockpit Arts in central London.

 Photo by Sarah Cuttle